We often get asked about things we have bought since moving to Belize and as part of our 5 items/5 months series this seemed like a logical topic.

I think it’s important to recognize that there is a cost to moving, beyond that of your airline tickets. You should expect to make some investments into your new lifestyle to be comfortable. Knowing that everyone has a different level of comfort this can mean different strokes for different folks.

Now by biggest I don’t mean size wise, I mean dollar wise, although after typing this I realize that they are also the largest items we now own too, so either way you take the word ‘biggest’ will work, but my intention is price wise. We do rent a fully furnished home so of course our list is going to be different than someone moving into a unfurnished home and we packed a lot in those 11 pieces of luggage.

In order of purchase date:
First purchase was the hammock! Our patio already had hammock hooks and once we figured out what they were, thanks to our amazing landlord, we set out to purchase one. I knew I didn’t want a cocoon type hammock, but one with the wood brace at each end and well made. We made the purchase at Indita Maya Gift shop in San Ignacio (on Burns Ave.) for $150bze ($75usd) and although they had some in neat color schemes Denny said I had to get the natural colored one, but I love it just the same!  Note: the hammocks nickname is ‘the office’.

belize hammock

Next, a High Definition, 32 inch flat screen tv (or so we thought). Our rental came with a television but since it wasn’t high def we couldn’t get the NASCAR race channels and that is pretty important issue in our house. We paid $836bze  ($418usd) for the television, brand is TCL – but keep reading to hear about this saga

tv purchased in Belize

3rd purchase was the DiBo recording system from the cable company, kinda like a Divo but not as high tech. The device is so you can not only record programs (NASCAR races for us) but also so you can access the HD channels. Yep you need this box to access the HD channels. You actually purchase the box for $299 bze ($149.50usd) but you still sign a contract for it saying that it is their property and if you break it you have to replace it, it was all a bit confusing when the nice lady at the cable company explained it but, alas, its Belize and we go with the flow.

Upon returning home and having the cable guys come out to setup the DiBo player and programming the remote, we found that several HD channels weren’t available. So another trip to the cable company to inquire, she informed us that not all TVs are HD but in fact HD compatible and those tvs often won’t get all the channels. Back to Courts, where we bought the TV, to inquire and the lady that helped us said “oh yes, remember I said its only HD compatible not High Def’ uhh nope, don’t remember that part of the conversation…at all. Well, as it usually does, everything turned out ok, we can get the important channels for the races, Denny is happy and the rest we really don’t miss anyway.

After 3 months of being car free we broke down and purchased a vehicle. We bought a 1992 Isuzu Trooper with 4 wheel drive for $6000 bze ($3000usd). We did have it inspected by the respected Mad Dog Motors team before purchasing and after he gave us the run down we decided to make the purchase.

Isuzu trooper

And last but not least, four new tires for the car. Tires was an expensive investment, 4 new tires, standard terrain ran us $1350bze ($675usd). Neither of us thought they would be that expensive, we were surprised to say the least, especially since Belize doesn’t have all the environmental taxes/fees/tariffs that the US has. But again, we go with the flow!

So after living here for 5 months those are our most expensive investments into our new life in Belize, I hope this has given you some insight into prices of things you may need to consider investing in if you were to move here.

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