As we stood in line to get our 5th immigration stamp I started thinking, wow we are going into our 6th month of living in Belize!

Then I started thinking about the¬†things we may or may not have done differently when packing. so as we drove home Denny and I had a conversation about several lists of 5’s we want to share with you and this is was the first one that came to mind.

And since there are 2 of us, and we don’t think alike, all the time, the lists are really comprised of 10 things, 5 things each (see how lucky you are)

Now remember, we moved into a fully furnished rental and visited Belize many times to do our research on what to/not to bring so we were very cautious when it came to packing and didn’t pack a bunch of excess.

Dennys list of 5 things he is glad we brought:

our dog boogie comes to Belize

  • Small kitchen appliances (coffee maker, toaster juicer blender/food processor, small grinder) these items, in quality brands, are pretty pricey here and were just to easy to pack in the luggage and bring
  • Our dog – enough said
  • Kitchen utensils and paraphernalia (silverware, spatulas, can opener, good knives, etc)
  • Certain books (especially cookbooks)
  • Kindle

Edens list:

  • Pampered chef storage containers – I bought them specifically for Belize and am very glad I did. No moisture or bugs getting into my sugar or our cookies (that is what we use them for right now)¬†pampered chef containers brought to Belize
  • Personal decorative items (photos, a small portion of our hand art collection, small decorative trinkets and things my daughter, niece and Dennys daughter had made over the years. The items were small, easy to pack and really help our new home feel homey!
  • Cotton floor/bath mats – easy to pack and easy to wash. I brought enough bath floor mats that I use them in the kitchen, at the bedside etc.
  • Small powerful portable fan – I love this fan it is seriously powerful it is currently used to keep laptop cool and often brought into the kitchen. They are pretty pricey here and usually cheap plastic, it was easy to pack and worth it.
  • Sheets, even though we moved into a furnished place the sheets aren’t as nice as what we are used to. We purchased a microfiber set from JcPennys before we left and now wish I would have bought several of them. The smaller the thread count, but still soft, the easier they breathe.

powerful portable fan

Remember this is just a quick list, I am sure around our 12 month mark we will do another list.

If this bit of info helped you in anyway tell us in the comments below or if it may help someone you know feel free to share it with them.