We're Denny and Eden

An international, full time house sitting, age-gap couple

Our Journey

It all started on our 3 week honeymoon in Italy and Greece, the travel bug had bit us and we thrilled at the thought of exploring other parts of the world.

Fast forward 6 years later we boarded our first class flights to Belize with our 10 year old dog, 10 suitcases and 2 carry on pieces of luggage, everything we owned was on that flight, as we made our first international move.

13 months later we packed, almost the same items, into a minivan and drove, 26 hours,  to our next destination, Granada, Nicaragua to live.

Another 13 months later and we decided to shift gears entirely and house sit full time. No more long term living and having an address of our own. The simple question of ‘where do you live?’ has taken on a very different meaning and always causes us to stumble.

With a variety of house sits under our belt we truly believe this is a lifestyle we are going to enjoy and are excited to be sharing the journey with the world.

So far house (and pet) sitting has taken us places like a Caribbean island with the beautiful sea as our morning view to hillside retreats with both panoramic views of the surrounding volcanoes and the ocean. We’ve even been to exotic locations like Morocco and Egypt.


Countries we have seen


We want YOU!!

With all the amazing people we meet, we finaly found a way to ‘connect’ people together and let others get to know each others amazingness (well, it’s sort of a word)..so we created a ‘closed’ Facebook group we call ‘The Community’.
All kinds of things are shared in there from travel deals, free book offers, blog posts and so much more.

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